CHAOTIC! A mother confides in sarcasm of a neighbor who doesn’t want to borrow money, see this mother’s story


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The reason is, he allegedly teased his neighbors who did not want to lend money.

In fact, the mothers even carried the name of Allah.

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Mother’s confidant was also viral on social media.

He was seen teasing his neighbors who did not want to lend money.

In fact, his neighbor was able to sacrifice a cow.

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“It’s useless to sacrifice a cow if the neighbors are still stingy, do the math, even if you don’t want to borrow the money,” wrote the mother.

In some comments from netizens, the mother actually brought the name of Allah.

“Why are you annoyed, that’s people’s right, do you want to borrow it or not,” commented netizens.

“That is not a human right, but it is God’s right,” answered the mother.

It turns out that the complaint was not just once. Many complaints that satirize the neighbor.

“Don’t sacrifice a cow, but when it’s time to borrow money, he avoids it and lies. Allah looks at your heart,” said another mother.

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