A Viral Video of a Motorbike Shake the Motor When Filling Gasoline Until It Burns, See the Full Review


BONSERNEWS.com – A viral video of a motorbike burning at the Tlogomas gas station, Malang, East Java.

It is known that the motorbike whose identity is not known had shaken the motorbike while refueling.

In the viral video on social media, the motorist is seen refueling.

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But he did not get off the motorbike while rocking the motorbike.

Related to the initial CCTV footage of the Tlogomas gas station fire, the motorbike’s light also looks alive. The right turn signal also lights up.

“Indeed, father’s influence, it’s rampant like that,” he said in the video.

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“Yes, it’s on, the right turn signal,” he continued. After the gasoline was filled, the motorbike was still rocking the motorbike.

When I was about to turn on the motor, a fire emerged from the tank after filling up the gas.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Teniks Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Malang City Fire Department, Agoes Soebekti, said that the fire occurred around 18.00 WIB, when the Vixion motorbike was undergoing the process of refueling.

“The fire quickly grew because it ignited the fuel. Knowing this, the gas station staff immediately extinguished it using an extinguisher,” said Agoes.

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