‘BACK BEGINNING’! Bjorka Hacker Leaks Data Allegedly Belonging to Dukcapil and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Really?



BONSERNEWS.com – Again Bjorka hacker leaked data that allegedly belonged to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) and sold on the dark web or dark web BreachForums.

Regarding this news, Hacker Bjorka appeared at the same time. He allegedly sold 217 million from SIAK (Population Administration Information System) Dukcapil Kemendagri.

“217 MILLION SIAK DUKCAPIL MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS OF INDONESIA. The SIAK database is owned by Dukcapil Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia,” wrote Bjorka.

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It can be seen, written on BreachForums that the data has a size of 16GB when compressed, 131GB before being compressed for a total of 217,750,843 data. Hacker Bjorka priced it at US $ 5,000 or Rp. 74 million.

The data consists of a resident identification number (NIK), Family Card Number, name, gender, date of birth, mother’s name, mother’s NIK, father’s name, father’s NIK and so on.

“If you are interested in buying, contact me on Telegram with the following format: I want to buy (database name). My Telegram t.me/bjorqa,” wrote Bjorka.

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Recently, Hacker Bjorka has been making frequent appearances, carrying sensitive data that is traded on dark forums, Telegram and his own blog.

Previously, the hacker leaked IndiHome user data, Indonesian citizen passports and foreign visas.

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