Drop Out Rate Increases !! The following are 5 financial tips to be able to prepare children’s school funds


BONSERNEWS.Com-Indonesia is a country that has a high dropout rate.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) explains that the dropout rate in Indonesia will increase in 2022.

The factor causing the high dropout rate is inflation, which increases by 15-20% per year.

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So that makes parents have to prepare extra education costs to go to higher education (college).

But statistically, the largest dropout rate occurred at the senior high school level, reaching 1.3%. Then it was followed by the junior high school level, which was 1.06%, and elementary school, which was 0.13%.

Here are tips so you can prepare for your child’s college tuition for your salary below IDR 5 million

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1. Research on Tuition Fees on Several Campuses

The first step that parents can take is to research costs at several destination campuses. This is necessary in determining the ideal standard of service, quality and financial strength of parents for their child’s education. Even though the child’s age is still far from entering college, there is nothing wrong with calculating the estimated tuition fees.

2. Drafting Tuition Fees

After doing research on tuition fees according to the destination campus, then arrange a tuition fee plan. Try to arrange a tuition fee plan according to the age of the child.

3. Make an Investment

Choose an investment that has a timeframe and investment character according to your needs. Investments for children’s education funds should choose low-risk instruments with potential middle returns and a level of assurance that the investment funds are safe.

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