What Is El Nino? Then What Are the Ways to Overcome and Strategies for Dealing with the El Nino Phenomenon for Farmers?



BONSERNEWS.com – El Nino is a natural phenomenon that affects global climate patterns, including in Indonesia.

In general, El Nino refers to an increase in sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean.

The impact can affect rainfall, air temperature, and weather patterns in various regions in Indonesia.

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According to BPPSDMP (2023) states that with an increase of 1°C the sea surface temperature anomaly in the Nino region has the potential to cause a decrease in monthly rainfall in the Indonesian region ranging from 0-50mm.

Decreased rainfall with the most affected areas namely the islands of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, most of Java, and Papua.

Most likely the island of Bali is also affected by this weather.

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The impact of the El Nino storm was seen in the decrease in river discharge and reduced reservoir water levels and groundwater levels.

Hervani, resource person from the Agricultural Instrument Standardization Agency (2023) strategies for dealing with the El Nino phenomenon for farmers namely;

– Determining plant varieties according to the situation and conditions in the field

– Carry out balanced fertilization

– Using water-saving technology

– Regulating the water level in swamps;

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