salute! When meeting Puan Maharani and AHY ‘TOSAN’, this is the response of the chairman of the DPR RI when meeting SBY’s children


[ad_1] – Democratic Party Chairperson Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) met with PDI-P DPP Chairperson Puan Maharani at Plataran City Forest, Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (18/6/2023) morning.

AHY seemed to arrive first. He wore a navy blue shirt. Meanwhile, Puan came not long after wearing a black T-shirt. Puan Maharani and AHY immediately shook hands when they met.

They even did a ‘high-five’. “Like anywhere, familiar people,” said Puan. Meanwhile, a number of PDI-P and Democrat elites had arrived earlier. They seemed to show familiarity when they met.

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Not a few of them hugged. After that, they took a group photo while giving a thumbs up.

A number of PDI-P elites who attended were Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto, Deputy General Secretary Utut Adianto, Head of the DPP Bappilu Bambang Pacul, and PDI-P politician Masinton Pasaribu.

Meanwhile, Secretary General Teuku Riefky Harsya, member of the Democratic Upper House, Syarief Hasan, Democratic Deputy Secretary General Irwan Fecho and Jansen Sitindaon, and Democratic politicians Didik Mukrianto and Santoso were present from the Democrats.

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The Puan-AHY meeting was a follow-up to the meeting of the two party secretaries general. “I have received instructions from Mbak Puan Maharani that a meeting with Mas AHY will be held tomorrow (Sunday) morning at GBK,” said Hasto.

According to Hasto, the dialogue between the PDI-P and the Democrats was carried out constructively. The dialogue opens a space for communication to discuss various interests of the nation and state in the future.

Separately, Teuku Riefky Harsya said that his party was aware that PDI-P and Democrats were in different positions and coalitions at the moment.

The PDI-P is in the government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and carries Ganjar Pranowo as a presidential candidate, while the Democrats position themselves as the opposition and support Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate.

“Even though we are currently in a different coalition position, we also realize that this meeting can become a strong foundation for preventing divisions and clashes among the nation’s children in the face of the 2024 elections,” said Riefky.

Riefky hopes that the meeting between Puan and AHY this morning will produce good results. He emphasized that the 2024 Election must be able to run in an open, honest, fair and democratic manner.

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