PSI Strongly Condemns Al-Quran Burning Action in Sweden


[ad_1] – The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) strongly condemns the burning of the Koran in Sweden. This arson action is considered as an act of provocation.

“PSI strongly condemns the burning of the holy Koran in Sweden yesterday. This action is a provocation that seriously damages the harmony of religious life,” said the Head of the Diversity and Religion Division of the PSI DPP, Benny Budhijanto, Saturday 1 July 2023.

Benny assessed that the burning was a real manifestation of intolerance to Islam. He also considered that this action would have a broad impact.

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“This intolerance has a very broad impact, not only in Sweden, but hurts the hearts of Muslims around the world. We really hope that all individuals can respect each other and accept differences,” said Benny.

PSI appealed to Muslims around the world, especially in Indonesia, not to be provoked. Benny hopes that legal steps can be taken in Sweden.

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“When provoked, that is precisely the response expected by the perpetrators. We hope that there are legal steps that can be implemented in Sweden,” continued Benny.

Previously known, a man burned pages of the Koran outside the main mosque in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday. Police have investigated the man.

Swedish police said they were investigating the man. Police judged the man to be incitement “against an ethnic group.”

The move was also condemned by Türkiye. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan condemned it as “despicable”.

“It is unacceptable to allow these anti-Islamic acts under the pretext of freedom of expression. Turning a blind eye to such horrific acts means complicity,” Fidan said on Twitter. ()

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