PDIP Vs Democrat ‘ETERNAL RIVALITY’ Ends Soon? Will Puan Maharani and AHY Meet Signs of Getting Acquainted?



BONSERNEWS.com – Like the world of football in the country, uniting supporters of the Persija team, Jakarta with Persib, Bandung, is like mixing water and oil.

The two are difficult to unite even though the chemical process between the oil and water solution can be separated.

Meanwhile, in the world of politics, it is equally difficult to reconcile the Democratic Party with the PDI Perjuangan.

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The two of them have a long history of “feud” even though in the world of politics nothing is impossible.

The meeting between the Chairperson of the PDI Perjuangan DPP (PDIP) who is also the Chairperson of the DPR, Puan Maharani, and the Chairperson of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY), which took place in the Gelora Bung Karno Area, Jakarta, Sunday, June 18 2023, will be a “historic” event and will keep in mind later.

Imagine, the impossible “thing” in the political relations between the Democrats who were directed by the VI President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and the PDI Perjuangan which was founded by the Fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri had been “softened” by Puan Maharani and AHY.

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Puan Maharani and AHY, who represented young political figures, managed to “turn” history between the two parties, which began with a lack of political harmony between their parents.

SBY’s departure from the Gotong Royong Cabinet, which did not disclose reasons for running for president in the 2004 presidential election, is suspected to have been the culprit for the “slek” relationship between the two former presidents.

In the 2004 presidential election, SBY, who was partnered with Jusuf Kalla, managed to defeat Megawati as the incumbent who was duet with Hasyim Muzadi.

The political rivalry between SBY and Megawati continued in the 2009 presidential election. Paired with the former Minister of Finance in the Megawati era, Budiono, SBY again “conquered” Megawati who took Prabowo Subianto.

During the two periods of SBY’s administration (2004-2014), PDI Perjuangan continued to be an opposition force that always criticized the policies of the SBY regime.

Likewise, when Joko Widodo, who was fully supported by Megawati and PDI Perjuangan, held the reins of power for a decade (2014-2024), the Democrats continued to play a critical and opposing group.

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