Pandawara Group on Viral Garbage Was Never Meant to ‘Shame’ the Local Government


[ad_1] – The TikToker Pandawara Group about trash that went viral was never meant to “embarrass” the local government.

According to them, this activity was initiated not to go viral.

“Pandawara never offends anyone, we always expose and inform Indonesian citizens what we get, and we don’t exaggerate,” said Gilang.

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Regarding viral videos or not, it all depends on social media itself.

“We always convey news as it is,” said Gilang.

He said the purpose of this activity was to unite and strengthen the synergy between the community and the government.

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“We want to make people stop blaming each other for this waste. Because, in fact, in essence, this waste problem is the duty of all humans in this world and most importantly environmental problems are the responsibility of all of us,” he explained.

Asked where to get the information about the piles of trash on Sukaraja Beach which are almost decades old, he said, the information was obtained from Pandawaras throughout Indonesia.

“So, until now we have colleagues in every city. From Aceh to the east, they are always monitoring in every place and city, in their respective provinces. In the end there are always reports to us every time, and finally we come, ” he insisted.

“As we said in the previous video, before we saw the condition of this beach, we already had information regarding this,” he stated.

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