NasDem Does Not Offer Its Cadres to Replace Jhonny G Plate as Minister of Communication and Information


[ad_1] – The NasDem Party stated that it would not offer its cadres to replace Johnny G Plate as the Minister of Communication and Information.

Deputy Chairperson of the NasDem Party, Ahmad Ali, assessed that Jokowi’s authority over the selection of ministers was entirely. NasDem, according to him, has no problem replacing Johnny, not from his cadres.

“That’s the issue of replacing Johnny Plate, the problem of the President. NasDem doesn’t play in that room,” he said, Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

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“So far, NasDem will not offer names. After all, the authority belongs to the President,” he continued.

Furthermore, Ali emphasized that until now the NasDem still supports Jokowi’s government. The presence or absence of ministers from NasDem is not a condition for support.

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“That’s the right of the President, what is the business of NasDem. We support Jokowi, we hold it, yes, having a minister without a minister is not a requirement. Yes, there is no problem, it’s not ours, it’s the President’s,” he added.

Previously, Jokowi spoke about the vacant Menkominfo chair after Johnny G Plate was detained by the Attorney General’s Office following the alleged corruption case of the BAKTI BTS project. Jokowi admitted that he had pocketed a replacement name for Johnny.

“Yes, but wait,” said Jokowi. ()

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