KPK Successfully Confiscates Papua Governor Lukas Enembe’s Money and Assets Amounting to More Than IDR 144.5 Billion


[ad_1] – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) stated that the money and various assets of the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe that had been confiscated reached more than IDR 144.5 billion.

KPK Enforcement and Institutional Spokesperson Ali Fikri said of the approximately 27 assets in the form of money and assets confiscated by Lukas, some of which are still in the process of being assessed.

“So far, the temporary amount is around Rp. 144.5 billion because there are still several assets that are still in the process of assessing their value and price,” said Ali Fikri.

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The money and assets were confiscated because they were allegedly sourced from the criminal act of bribery and gratuities from Lukas Enembe related to infrastructure projects in Papua and others.

This forced effort is part of the investigation into the alleged crime of money laundering (TPPU) Lukas Enembe.

According to Ali, the amount of money will continue to grow. This is because, apart from a number of assets whose value is still being assessed by Pegadaian, the KPK is also sniffing out the existence of other assets allegedly derived from corruption.

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Apart from that, said Ali, the KPK opened up opportunities to develop the Lukas Enembe corruption case. “Including the application of other articles related to alleged state losses,” said Ali Fikri.

Previously, the KPK confiscated Lukas Enembe’s assets and money with a value of more than Rp. 144.5 billion. The wealth was confiscated because it was suspected that it originated from a criminal act of corruption whose origins were disguised.

Among the money and assets are money worth IDR 81.6 billion, 5,100 US dollars, 26,300 Singapore dollars, land including a hotel, kitchen and other buildings on it worth IDR 40 billion, and others.

Alex said that the assets allegedly came from bribes and gratuities from Lukas Enembe related to infrastructure projects and others.

Lukas Enembe was initially named a suspect in alleged bribery and gratuities related to infrastructure projects originating from the regional budget in September 2022.

Initially, the KPK only found evidence of the flow of Rp. 1 billion in bribes from the Director of PT Tabi Bangun Papua, Rijatono Lakka.

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