Is it true that CPNS 2023 will open in September 2023? Will the 2023 National Civil Service Candidate Registration ‘CLAIM’ with the 2024 Election?


[ad_1] – If nothing changes, CPNS 2023 will open in September.

This means that registration for CPNS 2023 will open in two months.

In the 2023 CPNS, there is an allocation of formations that have the greatest opportunities.

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The CPNS 2023 formation was previously carried out by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy (Kemenpan-RB).

Kemenpan-RB stipulates that there are only a few vacancies open for CPNS 2023 recruitment.

In that sense, CPNS 2023 vacancies are very limited to certain positions.

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This is because they have to consider the availability of the budget and the number of civil servants who will retire this year.

The allocation of vacancies for CASN recruitment, both PPPK and CPNS 2023, will be more focused on health workers and the education sector.

Looking at the Menpan-RB circular letter number: B/521/M.SM.01.00/2023 dated March 14 2023 regarding the proposed 2023 CPNS and PPPK formations, the 2023 CPNS formations are only allocated to central agencies.

Meanwhile, regional agencies may only submit formations for PPPK.

The 2023 CPNS formations are the prosecutor’s office, the judiciary, the intelligence sector, lecturers and digital talent.

This year the government is providing as many as 1 million more formations for ASN recruitment consisting of CPNS and PPPK.

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