Indonesian Hajj Congregational Food Menu Viral on Social Media What are the Indonesian Hajj Congregational Food Menus?


[ad_1] – As is known to the public, the pilgrimage ritual is a worship that requires a healthy and strong physique.

To carry out the pilgrimage, the pilgrims must automatically receive adequate nutrition, one of which is a diet suitable for consumption.

Regarding the food menu for Indonesian pilgrims, recently viral on social media showing pilgrims’ complaints about the menu provided by the caterer being inappropriate when the pilgrims were in Padang Arafah.

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Suddenly, the upload of the Indonesian pilgrim’s food menu was bombarded with scathing comments from netizens.

“You don’t need to be a nutritionist to know this isn’t worth it. The pilgrimage requires a lot of energy. Can you eat late & the menu is like this? You pay tens of millions,” tweeted a netizen who owns the Twitter account @/indiratendi on Thursday, 29 June 2023.

The account owner commented on the upload of the account @/adyul93 which shows a photo of the menu for the Indonesian hajj pilgrimage meal provided for Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

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A food menu in the form of rice with a side dish of softened chicken plus chunks of green beans is called inappropriate by netizens.

Separately, the Twitter account @/AlissaWahid shared an infographic on the food menu schedule for Indonesian pilgrims.

Complete with packaged food whose exact contents are unknown.

Meanwhile, the pilgrims focus on following the Hajj procedures which are a legal requirement for someone to achieve a mabrur pilgrimage.

For the people of Indonesia, the hot climate in Saudi Arabia is a challenge in itself.

No wonder food is one of the main factors to keep the body fit during worship.

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