Here’s Mario Dandy Satriyo’s ‘ridiculous’ answer when asked about how he often makes fake car plates


[ad_1] – Defendant Mario Dandy Satriyo recently admitted that he often made fake car plates.

This was revealed by Mario Dandy Satriyo during a trial at the South Jakarta District Court.

Initially the panel of judges asked Mario Dandy Satriyo the reason for ordering AG and Shane Lukas to change Rubicon’s car plates when he and Shane were already at the Pesanggrahan Police Station.

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“What is the reason why you have to order Brother Shane and Agnes to change the number (plate)?” asked the judge to Mario Dandy.

Then, Mario Dandy Satriyo also answered the reason for ordering to replace the number plate because it was so that the original plate could be seen.

“So that you have the original number plate, Your Honor. At that time, I used a fake plate, right? So that it becomes the original plate,” replied Mario Dandy Satriyo.

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Then, the judge again asked about the Rubicon B 120 Den car plate used when assaulting David Ozora, real or fake.

“So far, what have you been using B 120 DEN? Is it genuine or a fake plate?” asked the judge.

“That’s a noble fake plate,” replied Mario Dandy Satriyo.

The judge also asked when Mario Dandy Satriyo started using the fake plate.

Mario Dandy Satriyo replied that he had been using fake car plates since December.

Not only that, the judge also asked about the license plate used to meet David Ozora.

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