Here’s Anies Baswedan’s Criticism Regarding Motorcycle and Electric Bicycle Subsidies, What’s this Bacapres’s criticism like?


[ad_1] – Presidential candidate, Anies Baswedan criticized government policies that were not on target. Namely the provision of subsidies to electric car buyers.

Initially, Anies Baswedan said that Indonesia has so many opportunities, especially in the environment and the government must ensure the right resources to face environmental challenges.

“The solution to facing environmental challenges, air pollution does not lie in subsidizing electric cars for electric car owners who don’t need subsidies. Right?” said Anies Baswedan.

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Anies Baswedan calculated that subsidies for electric cars in the use of private cars have a higher per capita carbon emission per kilometer than those of oil-fueled buses.

“Emissions per kilometer per capita for electric cars are compared to fuel-based buses. Why can this happen, because buses carry many people while cars carry few people,” said Anies.

Plus, said Anies, during his experience as Governor of DKI Jakarta, electric-based private vehicles did not replace the cars in his garage, so they would add more cars to the streets.

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“Thus increasing traffic jams on the roads. So what is being pushed forward is the democratization of resources, that we direct state-owned resources to be provided through sectors that provide real benefits to many people, not just to get attention in conversations, especially social media conversations. ,” he said.()

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