‘GOCK’! A ‘SHOCKED’ man only orders fried rice, Indomie has a total payment receipt of 400 thousand?



BONSERNEWS.com – Recently a man was shocked when he ordered fried rice and Indomie at a cafe.

This is because the total order price reaches IDR 400,000.

Seen in uploads on Facebook, he shows proof of payment receipts while hanging out in cafes.

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Even though the man only ordered a simple menu.

It can be seen in the receipt that he ordered 3 coffees of hot palm sugar milk for IDR 75,000, 2 siosar orange ice IDR 70,000, 2 poesaka fried rice IDR 110,000.

Then, there is a menu of 2 village fried rice IDR 90,000, and 1 Indomie fried omelette IDR 25,000. Not to mention the tax fee of IDR 37,0000 and services worth IDR 12,210.

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From that order, the total that must be paid is IDR 419,210. it is known that the cafe is allegedly named Poesaka Boenda which is located in Siosar, Puncak 2000, North Sumatra.

Suddenly, the photo went viral and was widely responded by netizens.

“The tourist spots won’t last long if the price is like that, they should be more friendly with people’s pocket conditions,” said netizens.

“The service charge really adds to the burden in my opinion. Already paying for the service charge is not necessarily excellent service, sometimes they even get punished,” said another netizen.

“Just face it, if I check, the cafe is really good, it seems to offer a good view too. But the average price for cafe food is that much,” he said again.

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