Circulating Grief News Dr. Michael Triangto Passed Away, What Caused It? Check out the discussion here


[ad_1] – Sad news came from the world of sports medicine, where Dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO was reported to have passed away on Saturday, (8/7/23) at the age of 63.

The loss of Dr Michael Triangto, Sp.KO is news of deep sorrow for the world of sports medicine.

Dr Michael Triangto’s contribution as a resource person and expert in this field will be remembered by many people.

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The public also wants to know the causes and chronology that led to Dr Michael Triangto’s death.

Dr Michael Triangto is a sports medicine specialist who is known as a resource person for various health topics.

According to various sources, Dr. Michael Triangto studied at the Faculty of Medicine at Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta.

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Since childhood, Dr Michael Triangto had an interest in sports and then chose to specialize in sports medicine.

He took the sports medicine specialization exam at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI) and successfully graduated in 1987.

Dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO’s colleagues and professional colleagues remember him as a person who was full of dedication and commitment in providing health services to athletes and the general public.

The death of Dr Michael Triangto became shocking news and the public wanted to know the cause and chronology of his death.

Until now there is no information that can explain in detail the cause.

In conclusion, the departure of Dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO became shocking news.

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