Bankrupt Fund Application So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this financial transaction application, see the reviews


[ad_1] – The Dana application is a digital wallet built with world-class security and a 24-hour monitored network system.

Present as a new breakthrough in order to streamline human activities in the current era of digitalization.

There is a service to facilitate virtual payments. Such as various bank transfers, paying electricity bills, topping up credit, and buying food and drinks.

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However, some time ago it was suspected that the Fund Application went bankrupt due to failed transactions being carried out using the Fund Application, causing netizens to speculate that the fund application went bankrupt.

This is because many transfers were declared successful but did not go to the destination account.

This makes fund users feel dissatisfied with the service, even for days and it has not been credited to the destination account.

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The Fund application is one of them e-wallets or an official Indonesian digital wallet that is safe and can be used for financial transactions.

This application made it into the top 5 best digital wallets in Indonesia based on data analysis App Annie.

Basically, every product always has advantages and disadvantages, and the Fund Application is no exception.

The Fund application has drawbacks, including not yet reaching small businesses, such as street vendors. In addition, currently the funds of merchants or shops that have collaborated are still limited.

Meanwhile, the advantage of the Fund Application is that it can be a digital wallet that makes it easy to carry out financial transactions only via a cellphone.

The Fund app is rated 42 out of 77 companies in the total ranking and gets an average review score of 3.4.

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