Young People are Expected to Become Millennial Farmers to Prevent Food Crisis

0 – DPR RI member Firman Soebagyo held Technical Guidance (Bimtek) for millennial farmers and breeders at the New Merdeka Hotel, Monday 19 June 2023.

Taking the theme of Farmer Technical Guidance and Agricultural Extension at the Yogyakarta Magelang Agricultural Development Polytechnic (Polbangtan) in Central Java Province (Pati Grobogan, Rembang and Blora) in 2023.

“This agenda is the Millennial Farmer Technical Guidance. Why is this important? Because the food crisis is in sight. The shortage of rice globally in 2023 will reach 8.7 million tons. While research results in 2023/2024 are predicted to experience a rice deficit of 16.6 million tons. We must take concrete steps to prevent and overcome them,” said Firman in his statement, Tuesday 20 June 2023.

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Even so, Firman hopes that this food crisis will not occur in Indonesia, because the climate characteristics are different.

“However, the weather anomaly in Indonesia is uncertain, the possibility of pane failure is still quite large. The long dry season has failed to harvest, the rainy season has floods,” said the member of Commission IV of the House of Representatives.

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The Chairperson of IKKAPI said that the existence of millennial farmers is very absolute and important. “Because these millennial farmers are our hope. There are 33 million of our farmers and 91% are old farmers. There are several reasons pemida are not interested. 36.3% feel there is no career development or not developing. 33% being farmers are considered full of risks, because if the crop fails there is no compensation. We do have an aspiration program but it doesn’t cover everything. The remaining 20% ​​are reluctant to work in agriculture because their income is small. That’s a fact. These three things are a challenge for us,” he said.

“Three things make millennial farmers reluctant to farm, which is a challenge in itself. So, we give motivation. Because without farmers we can’t do anything. Millennial farmers have innovations and modifications to agricultural technology. So we give this program to the community, so that they are aware of technology so that it can be strengthened in their respective areas,” continued the member of the DPR Baleg.

Meanwhile, Firman highlighted a number of areas, not only in Pati, which converted agricultural land into industry.

“We have Law No. 41 of 2009 concerning Protection of Sustainable Food Agricultural Land. This is an important rule to uphold as a form of our concern for national food,” he stressed. ()

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