Who Wants to Hang Out in a Cafe and Get Paid? Let’s take a look at paid hangout jobs in cafes


BONSERNEWS.com – Recently netizens have been excited because a job vacancy has appeared which is arguably uniquely viral on social media.

The upload shows that there is a part-time job vacancy specifically for hanging out in cafes.

Through accounts around the world of work, there are part-time job vacancies specifically for hanging out in cafes.

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Paid part time job vacancies.

The fee for hanging out is Rp. 70,000 – Rp. 100,000.

Just sitting around hanging out for about 3-4 hours. To just enliven the cafe, to make it look crowded.

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Every week you can hang out 4-5 times,” wrote the contents of the locker, quoted from @worksfess, on Tuesday (27/6/2023).

Many netizens are confused by the concept of paid hanging out work, some have already had this job.

“I used to work like this when I was in college. But the difference is when you crowd a restaurant so people glance at it, and they give you free food too,” said a netizen.

“I’ve worked like this before, the difference is in an offline clothing store. Pretend to choose clothes so the shop looks crowded, if you’re told it’s busy, you’re told to step aside first. The pay is IDR 300,000 for 6 hours x 4 days,” said another netizen.

“Minimum salary Rp. 70,000. Minimum work 4 times a week, there are 4 weeks a month, meaning 16 working days a month. Total income is 16 x Rp. 70,000 = Rp. 1,120,000. If you hang out in a month, you can get a minimum of Rp. 1,120,000, work that’s good,” he repeated.

According to netizens, the job of hanging out at a cafe to enliven the cafe, so as to make people curious has the same concept as paid viewers.()

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