Viral Video on Instagram Social Media Showing Dozens of Dead Cats to Seizures in Sunter

0 – A viral video circulating on social media Instagram showing dozens of dead cats in the Sunter area, North Jakarta.

The video was uploaded by the account @seputar.sunter.

In the viral video, you can also see the upload of a photo of the owner showing his dead cat causing convulsions.

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“This is a continuation of the story of the many street cats and pets that died after being taken for a walk around the complex in Sunter Muara. According to various sources (many), this was because they were poisoned,” wrote the account @seputar.sunter.

Also in the upload, a resident confirmed the incident of the dead cat.

He said many pet cats around his residential area had also died.

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“Incidentally, I am also a resident of RT 12 RW 5 Sunter Muara, indeed now there are many local residents who have cats, all the cats have died,” he wrote.

Responding to this, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) through the DKI Jakarta Food Security, Maritime Affairs and Agriculture Service (KPKP) immediately intervened to follow up on the dead cat incident.

KPKP Service Head Suharini Eliawati also admitted that she received data from her party who went directly to the field regarding the dead cat. A total of 21 cats have been confirmed dead since July 6, 2023.

His party also identified the presence of symptoms of seizures and excreting urine before the cat died in the North Jakarta area.

“Furthermore, the officers brought samples of dead cats for necropsy and pathological examination at the Animal and Animal Husbandry Health Service Center laboratory in order to get a diagnosis of the causes of death for the cats,” said Suharini.

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