Viral video of a woman scribbling on a car using lipstick because the car was parked carelessly

0 – Circulating a viral video showing a woman vandalizing a car belonging to someone else is viral on social media.

In the video, the woman is scribbling on a car using her lipstick. Not without reason, the woman committed vandalism because the car owner parked carelessly.

“Lipstick can be bought again, vandalism in people’s parked cars doesn’t matter when else,” wrote the Tiktok account @Stu, quoted on Sunday, 6/25/2023).

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“Lipstick for vandalism of cars parked in front of the gate. Can’t get in at all,” he added.

In his upload, he was accompanied by several people when he scribbled on the white car. He wrote on the front hood, side, to the rear.

‚ÄúPark don’t be a **** fool. Not in front of the gate,” the writing on the front hood. “You use your brain stupid when parking,” he wrote again on the back.

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Apart from that, the woman was so angry that she scratched the windshield of the car, and even the mirrors. The wipers of the car are also smeared with the rest of the lipstick used for scribbling.

This action made a number of netizens also get angry with the actions of car owners who parked carelessly.

“I don’t want to know, there has to be a part 2… if you can see those who have cars,” said netizens. “You need part 2, wkwkkw,” said another. “Part 2 kkk want to see the reaction of those who have cars,” said netizens.

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