Viral on TikTok, the JomBingo application is suspected of defrauding more than 1.7 million people with losses of more than 1 trillion

0 – Viral on the JomBingo application TikTok allegedly deceived more than 1.7 million people with a total loss of more than 1 trillion.

PT Bingoby Digital Kreasi has released Jombingo since 2022, but now the application has disappeared from circulation.

JomBingo is an E-commerce social channel that lures various benefits to users.

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You can get lots of discounts and commissions in the JomBingo application.

Then there are many choices of products that can be purchased which are much cheaper than the market.

With a tempting offer from the application, it certainly attracts many people’s hearts.

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However, the offer turned out to be fraudulent.

There are many victims of this application, the total loss of which is estimated to be more than 1 trillion.

Now the JomBingo office in Jakarta is closed and the office in Bandung is empty, the workers have fled.

This is known by uploading the TikTok account

In one of his videos he questions who is to blame when this has happened.

The video upload was then replied to with comments from the victims who lost tens of millions of money.

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