UPH Together with the Mass Media is Ready to Promote Indonesia’s Young Generation by Providing Quality Education


BONSERNEWS.com – Developments in various fields after the pandemic, transformation in the field of technology, to changes in the environment have brought major changes in all aspects of life.

These changes are inevitable and will have an impact on the global workforce structure in the future.

Pelita Harapan University (UPH) realizes its role in preparing the younger generation to be successful in the digital era and to become excellent leaders.

Therefore, UPH held an UNBOX! UPH at the Lippo Village Campus, Tangerang on 22-24 June 2023.

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This event aims to provide a forum for high school students who want to maximize their potential and prepare them to be able to contribute as superior, creative, and broad-minded national leaders.

Along with this activity, UPH also held a Media Gathering on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

UPH sees the mass media as one of the main strategic partners in disseminating information and educating the public.

With the theme ‘UNBOX (Y)OUR POTENTIAL!”, this event aims to establish good relations and open opportunities for cooperation with various mass media.

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The UPH Media Gathering 2023 event was also attended by Stephanie Riady, BA, M.Ed., as the Executive Director of the Pelita Harapan Education Foundation (YPPH); Binsar Pandiangan as UPH Deputy Chancellor for Marketing and Development.

Then, there is also Eric Jobiliong, Ph.D., as the Associate Provost for Academic and Innovation as well as the Dean of the UPH Faculty of Science and Technology (FaST); Andry M. Panjaitan, ST, MT, CPHCM as Associate Provost for Student Development UPH; and Hendra Thamrindinata, S.Si., M.Div. MA (Th.), Ph.D. (Cand.) as UPH Associate Provost For Faith And Learning Integration.

In her remarks, Stephanie Riady expressed her hope that UPH, as part of the YPPH ecosystem, can provide quality education that is relevant to the needs of the world today and in the future. He also appreciated the support given by the mass media.

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“We have the same goal, which is to provide information and education to the public. This task is huge, and we know we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we appreciate the partnerships and synergies that have been established in advancing Indonesian education,” said Stephanie.

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