To Prevent Anthrax from Spreading to Many Areas, the Vice President Asks the Minister of Agriculture to Isolate

0 – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin asked the Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) to isolate to prevent anthrax from spreading.

This was conveyed by Ma’ruf after the anthrax case in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, caused one person to die.

“Regarding anthrax, I think the Minister of Agriculture has taken steps. Therefore, we hope that it will be isolated, so that it does not spread to other areas,” said Ma’ruf Amin, Friday, July 7, 2023.

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Ma’ruf asked the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Health (Menkes) to anticipate the spread of anthrax. He said anthrax could be prevented by isolation.

“Second, so that it can be overcome, so that healing is carried out in areas that are currently affected. I also ask the relevant agencies. The Minister of Agriculture, of course the Minister of Health and others, I think it’s the anthrax. blocking, so don’t go anywhere, in various ways,” he said.

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Previously, the DIY Health Service (Dinkes) said that the anthrax suspect in Gunungkidul would undergo a blood sample examination. This step was taken to ensure that the suspect was positive for anthrax or not. ()

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