This is Anggi Adriaman Lase Lase’s former lover and his role in the story of Anggi Anggraeni’s flight

0 – Stories of bride escapes are often in the spotlight on social media and society.

One of the stories that stole attention was the escape of Anggi Anggraini, who left her husband, Fahmi Husaini, just one day after their marriage contract on June 25, 2023.

This incident uncovers lies, betrayal, and bitterness in the search for Anggi who disappeared.

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Anggi Anggraeni’s lies

After spending time and energy looking for Anggi who mysteriously disappeared, Fahmi finally found out that the wife who had run away actually went to meet her ex-boyfriend, Adriaman Lase.

Anggi uses fake excuses, such as geprek chicken COD, to escape and meet Adriaman in Jakarta.

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This lie shakes Fahmi, makes him feel betrayed and hurt.

He found Anggi in Adriaman Lase’s rented house

Adriana Laser

Adriaman Lase ( YouTube @Kang Dedi Mulyadi Channel)

Through investigation, the Rancabungur Police Chief, Hartanto Haki, revealed that Anggi had gone to his ex-girlfriend’s rented house in Jakarta.

Adriaman Lase is Anggi’s colleague at a shipping company in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Anggi and Adriaman have a love affair, and Adriaman comes from Medan.

After meeting at Adriaman’s rented house in Jakarta, they planned to meet Adriaman’s parents in Medan.

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