The name of the DPR/MPR building is ridiculed on Google Maps, PPP: No need to respond with anger

0 – The name of the DPR/MPR building is ridiculed on Google Maps. Member of Commission III of the DPR from the PPP faction, Arsul Sani, assessed that making fun of the name of the DPR building on Google maps was “crime” of democracy.

“In a democratic country, such expressions are not uncommon. They are considered part of ‘mischief’ in democracy. Therefore, for me, expressions do not need to be responded with anger,” said Arsul, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

Arsul said cursing expressions did not only occur in the Indonesian parliament. But also in many other countries.

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“We consider it as part of expression in democracy. Expressions that curse parliament or the government do not only occur in Indonesia but also occur in many other democratic countries,” he said.

According to Arsul, the expression on Google Maps was the momentary dissatisfaction of a group that went too far. He named the expression democrazy.

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“We’ll just call it ‘democrazy’. For those in parliament like us, what’s important is whether the majority of our people who become voters still want to participate and vote again or not. If the majority of our voters still use their right to vote and still vote for them or the party is already in parliament, yes, expressions like that are just the momentary dissatisfaction of a group of people who like to go too far,” he added.

Previously, the busy MPR/DPR RI building was marked as a mockery on Google Maps. The mocking names can be seen in the directory section. ()

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