The following is how to download the 2023 UTBK SNBT certificate, see the description of how to download the 2023 UTBK SNBT certificate

0 – The results of the Computer-Based Written Examination (UTBK) for National Selection Based on Tests (SNBT) have appeared on Monday (26/6/2023).

Exam participants can check their 2023 UTBK scores and download the certificate on the official SNPMB website.

The timeframe available to view the results is from Monday (26/6/2023) to Monday (31/7/2023).

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As is well known, on that date, participants could not only see the test scores, but could also download the certificates.

Henceforth, it can be reused as a prerequisite for registering at the independent state universities (PTN), especially for participants who register with UTBK scores.

The following is a guide on how to download the UTBK SNBT 2023 certificate:

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1. Open the official page using a browser on any device.

2. Enter the 12-digit UTBK SNBT participant number.

3. Also enter the date of birth, month, and year according to the format requested.

4. Check the section ‘I hereby declare that if later fraud is found that I committed in the 2023 UTBK SNBT, then my acceptance status will be cancelled’

5. Click ‘View Results’

6. The UTBK certificate appears containing the 2023 UTBK value on the device screen.

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