The following is a price comparison between Simmental cattle and Limousin cattle, let’s look at the full review and details

0 – Celebrating Eid al-Adha, people start looking for information about prices and the differences between the types of cows to be sacrificed.

The two types of cattle that are often chosen are simmental cattle and limousine cattle.

Although both have high popularity, there are differences that are worth knowing in terms of price and characteristics.

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Let’s explore deeper about the difference between Simmental cattle and Limousin cattle.

Simmental cattle is a type of beef cattle originating from the Simme Valley, Switzerland.

This cow has characteristics with a large body and body weight reaching hundreds of kilograms.

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Simmental cow coat color is generally yellowish brown, reddish brown, to dark red.

There are also differences in color in some parts of the body such as the head, legs and belly which are white.

Simmental cows also have pigment around the eyes that helps protect the eyes from the sun.

Meanwhile, Limousin cattle come from France.

This cow has the characteristics of a solid body and is smaller than the simmental cow.

Limousine cow coat color is generally golden brown to dark brown with several color variations.

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