The following are the Study Programs at Semarang State University that are the Most Appreciated, What are the Study Programs?


[ad_1] – The Semarang State University (Unnes) Management Study Program is most in demand with the highest number of applicants from the registration of the Independent Selection (SM) through the report card score route with a total of 3,603 applicants.

Based on the data accessed on Monday’s website, at 16.30 WIB, it was observed that there were five Unnes study programs that were in the top while from SM on report card grades.

Management Study Program came out on top, followed by Psychology with 3,085 applicants, Public Health with 2,973 applicants, Law Studies (2,846 applicants), and Information Engineering (2,409 applicants).

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Head of Public Relations Unnes Surahmat said that Unnes provides a quota of 50 percent for new students from the SM track which are divided into several categories, one of which is report card grades.

In addition to report card scores, Unnes also has other SM pathways that will still be opened, namely the UTBK (Computer-Based Writing Examination) and Regular Independent Tracks,” he said.

For the report card grade route, registration will close on Tuesday (27/6), after being extended, along with the public’s high interest in registering via this route.

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“The UTBK route was opened from 26 June to 6 July 2023. The regular independent selection has been open since 17 May and will close on 9 July 2023,” he explained.

The Report Card and UTBK pathways are selection routes without tests. In the report card route, selection is based on semester 1-5 report card scores, and is only intended for “fresh graduate” students or those who graduate in 2023.

The UTBK route also does not go through a test mechanism because the assessment is carried out through the UTBK scores that have been obtained by the participants.

For study programs with a low level of competition on the independent report card pathway, French Language Education ranks first, while the number of registrants is only 50 people or at least.

In second place, Javanese Literature with 65 applicants, then Mandarin Language Education with 82 applicants, Fine Arts Education with 82 applicants, and Music Arts Education with 91 applicants.

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