The Constitutional Court’s Decision Has Maintained Stability in Election Preparations

0 MPR member from DPD, Jimly Asshiddiqie said all parties must respect the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) that the 2024 Election will continue to use an open proportional system.

The decision is final and binding so that stability is maintained and election preparations can run smoothly.

“The Constitutional Court (MK) has decided on the electoral system, namely that the 2024 election will continue to use an open proportional system. The decision is final and binding so there is no need to discuss it again. We respect it and we will just implement the Constitutional Court’s decision so that stability is maintained and preparations for the General Election, Presidential Election and the 2024 Pilkada can run smoothly,” said Jimly Asshiddiqie, Wednesday 21 June 2023.

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According to Jimly, the emergence of the idea of ​​a closed proportional electoral system was not without reason.

“There must be logical reasons. We also need to hear the reasons for this closed electoral system. Therefore, in the future it is also necessary to think about whether this open proportional system is ideal or if there are still many weaknesses. Which is more, the benefits or the harm,” he said.

Jimly added that an open proportional system does not help the institutionalization of political parties, between candidates of one party can be hostile. On the other hand, a closed proportional system should not be considered useless. This is because, by being proportionally closed, institutionalization and strengthening of parties is more effective. In addition, a closed proportional system can prevent political demoralization.

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“Elections are not about winning or losing. The quality and integrity of our democracy is also determined by the morality in politics, the morality of the leadership. Don’t all the leaders we choose are transactional. This is dangerous,” added the Senator from DKI Jakarta.

However, continued Jimly, a closed proportional system must also have conditions. “If the party is still closed as it is now and democracy within the party has not grown, then closed proportionality can be dangerous because only one person determines it, namely the General Chair of the Party, whose regeneration has been hereditary to become a political dynasty,” he explained.

“There are nine parties (in parliament) currently, there are only nine General Chairpersons. He is the one who determines the presidential and vice presidential candidates, including the serial number of the candidates. This means that there is no internal democracy within the party. The party is completely closed,” he continued.

Jimly continued, the conditions for implementing a closed proportional system included a democratic process within the internal party, party openness, and party modernization that was already under way. “In the future, in my opinion, it is more appropriate to use a closed proportional system. But with these conditions,” he said. ()

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