Stunting Budget Used for Business Travel, Commission IX: Target to Eliminate Stunting in 2024 Difficult to Realize

0 – President Jokowi said he was annoyed when he learned that the Rp. 10 billion budget for stunting handling was squandered by the regional government, the majority being used for meetings and official trips.

DPR Commission IX member, Nurhadi, assessed that the stunting budget prepared by the Regional Government submitted by Jokowi was actually just an example of wrong and inaccurate budget preparation.

“That means don’t get bigger stakes than poles. It’s not right if the funding for the program distribution process costs more than the program’s objectives are implemented. The goals will not be achieved if the mechanism remains like that,” Nurhadi told reporters, Friday 16 June 2023.

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In the context of stunting, continued the NasDem politician, Jokowi’s instructions were correct, whereby 80 percent must be realized in the form of protein assistance such as fish, meat and nutritious food for people who need it, not increase the budget for meetings and official travel.

If this budget policy is implemented properly, Nurhadi continued, I think the stunting problem will soon be resolved, this is the case with the orientation of other programs proclaimed by the regional and central governments.

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Moreover, the government’s target to eliminate stunting in 2024 is likely to be difficult to achieve if there is indeed a deviation from the stunting budget.

“This mode of diverting stunting funds illustrates how much homework needs to be fixed. The hardest part is simplification of our own bureaucracy. How can the bureaucracy not be self-serving just to get promoted, or to meet the needs for internal agency activities, but actually work to solve problems in our country, one of which is stunting,” emphasized the legislator for the VII regional election of East Java.

Previously, President Joko Widodo highlighted the many allocations of the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) and the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) which were not efficient. One of them is related to the stunting budget.

Jokowi revealed that there are regions that have budgeted Rp 10 billion for handling stunting. However, of this amount, the majority are actually used for meetings and business trips.

“For example, there is a stunting budget, 10 billion, check it and see exactly what the 10 billion is for. Don’t imagine that later you will be buying eggs, milk, protein, vegetables,” Jokowi said. ()

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