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[ad_1] – The development of modern science and technology needs serious and deep attention in relation to the existence of humans as spiritual beings.

Dr. Haidar Bagir, who is also the President Director of Mizan, gave a philosophical and reflective presentation on the relationship between science and technology and human existence.

At first we understand technology as a means to an end. However, in its development, modern technology has determined the way humans exist. Technology’s determination of human life is more on the material dimension.

“This condition is of course a serious threat to human existence, because the dimensions that exist within humans are not only material dimensions. Within humans there is also a spiritual dimension that must be fulfilled,” said Haidar some time ago.

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“The fulfillment of modern technology that only concentrates on the material dimension can have a negative impact on the existence and future of humans. Humans will be uprooted from their spiritual dimension,” he continued.

He stated that a serious threat from modern technology also targets our attitude towards nature and the environment. Desire that is only oriented towards material achievements has made humans over-exploit nature.

“The result will be severe damage to the environment and the sustainability of planet Earth. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the development of science and technology that only fulfills material desires will bring human civilization to the brink of collapse. Humans are digging their own graves,” he said.

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The important question is about the most fundamental purpose of human life, namely happiness.

“Are all the civilizational projects currently being built really aimed at achieving happiness? It seems that humans are really experiencing disorientation in understanding the happiness they are looking for,” he said.

According to Haidar, technological developments that were thought to contribute to the achievement of happiness turned out to be just an illusion.

“Humans need to reflect on this most basic goal so they don’t lose the direction of life they want to achieve,” he concluded. ()

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