Revealed! It turns out that this is the motive and role of the ex-boyfriend in the drama Anggi Anggraeni’s young bride disappears

0 – On June 26, a shocking drama occurred in Bogor when Anggi Anggraeni, a young bride, went missing after her marriage contract with Fahmi Husaini.

The next day, it was revealed that Anggi had actually run off with her ex-boyfriend known as Al.

Anggi’s tragic decision to leave her husband and meet her ex-boyfriend in Jakarta has shocked many people.

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Anggi disappeared after telling her husband that she was going to pick up the geprek chicken order.

However, it turned out to be just a false excuse. He takes drastic steps to meet with Al, leaving Fahmi in confusion and anxiety to find his wife.

Fahmi Husaini, the husband, had to face a bitter and disappointing reality.

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Even though he was sad and devastated, Fahmi tried to stay strong and not get lost in sadness.

He was shocked at the fact that his wife had left him so soon after marriage, let alone with someone else.

After an intensive search, Fahmi finally met Al during mediation at the Rancabungur Police on July 18.

Al, who is Anggi’s ex-boyfriend and works in Jakarta, attends the meeting bringing Anggi with him. The mediation involved the two families, the Mekarsari village head, and the Rancabungur police chief.

However, in the mediation, Anggi was not present because he was still out of town, reportedly in Medan.

Fahmi finally had to let go of his ex-wife, whom he had just married for one day, to Al, the man who had taken Anggi away during his disappearance.

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