Residents Affected by Covid-19 When Endemic Was Not Funded, Commission IX: It Is In Accordance with the Constitution

0 – President Jokowi stated that in the near future Indonesia would enter a phase from a pandemic to a COVID-19 endemic. And if it has entered an endemic period, the government will not pay for people affected by Covid-19.

Responding to this, Member of Commission IX DPR RI, Irma Suryani Chaniago agreed with what the head of state said about not having to pay for citizens affected by Covid-19. The reason is, constitutionally the state is no longer obliged if a citizen is affected by Covid-19.

“When the status has been lowered from pandemic to endemic, according to the constitution, the government is no longer obliged to pay for Covid-19 patients,” Irma said to Bonsernews.comMonday 19 June 2023.

He considered that when his status changed, patients with Covid-19 had to pay for their own treatment. For this reason, the NasDem party politician reminded the public to maintain their health and continue to use masks in crowded closed and open areas. What’s more, the change in status also had an impact on the procurement of booster vaccines.

“Therefore, the public has been advised to booter, but if the status has been lowered to endemic then the vaccine will be paid for,” said the South Sumatra II legislator.

Previously, – President Jokowi stated that Indonesia would enter the Covid-19 endemic period in the near future. When entering the endemic period, the government no longer pays for citizens who have contracted Covid. Jokowi said the endemic period would be within the next one or two weeks.

“Within a week or two, we will declare that we are entering endemic. Be careful if you have entered endemic, if you get COVID-19, you will have to pay,” said Jokowi, Monday, 19 June 2023. ()

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