Regarding the implementation of the Eid al-Adha 2023 Holiday, which is fluctuating, see the full explanatory review

0 – Good news for the people of Indonesia, the Government has decided to change the Joint Decree (SKB) for the 2023 Eid al-Adha holiday for 3 days.

As for the details of the Eid al-Adha national holiday, it falls on Thursday 29 June 2023, but the government has added joint leave days on Wednesday 28 June 2023 and Friday 30 June 2023.

Please note, the agreement is contained in the Joint Decree (SKB) of 3 Ministers namely the Minister of Religion (Menag), Minister of Manpower (Menaker), and Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (MenPANRB) Number 1066 of 2022, Number 3 of 2022, and Number 3 of 2022 concerning National Holidays and 2023 Joint Leave.

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Starting from Wednesday to Friday, plus the weekend Saturday and Sunday, meaning that for 5 days people can enjoy a long holiday.

However, according to the official Instagram account @kemnaker, it is explained that the implementation of Eid Al-Adha Leave is optional or optional in accordance with the agreement between the employer and the worker or laborer.

This is because joint leave is part of the annual leave.

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The implementation of collective leave is fluctuating or optional in accordance with the agreement between the employer and the worker/labourer or the trade union and the employer, work agreements, company regulations or collective labor agreements and laws and regulations taking into account the conditions and needs of the company.

However, if you work on collective leave days, then your entitlement to annual leave is not reduced and you are paid wages like normal working days.

This is based on the circular letter of the Minister of Manpower number M/3/HK.04/IV/2022 concerning the implementation of joint leave at companies.

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