Regarding the Golkar National Conference, Firman: Upholds the National Conference decision

0 – The Golkar Party Expert Council does not recommend holding an Extraordinary National Congress (Munaslub) for Golkar to remove Golkar chairman Airlangga Hartarto.

Deputy Chairman of the Golkar Party Firman Soebagyo assessed that what was conveyed by the Council of Experts on this issue was correct.

According to him, the decision by the Golkar Party regarding the National Conference decision at that time was final. Therefore all elements must be upheld. “If you feel that you are a party cadre or functionary, you must uphold the decision of this National Conference,” Firman told journalists, Friday, July 14, 2023.

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Firman suspects that there are unscrupulous cadres trying to design a national meeting with the sole agenda of prying Airlangga from the top leadership of the party on the grounds that Golkar has yet to make a decision in the 2024 presidential election.

This member of Commission IV of the DPR considers that if there are such cadres, they should think about what and how bad Airlangga as General Chair of the Party is in providing space for freedom for his cadres. However, if freedom is given by the General Chairperson and then it is misinterpreted by discussing the regional assembly meeting then they people have no compassion.

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“We know their capacity, I’ve been in the Golkar Party for a long time. There are those who have nominated members of the DPR from the New Order until now, who gave lectures and press conferences yesterday to oppose the existence of a National Conference, starting from a new order to the no serial number system for candidates. Then , there are also those who want to become members of the DPR, we ask for serial number one, I’m the witness, we call and order to make a statement to get serial number 1, then on Tekken you can get serial number 1. So, from the people I mentioned earlier, you should realize that everything has reciprocity but don’t damage the system,” he said.

“Don’t sacrifice party interests only for individual or group interests. Then there are stowaways. There are even people who used to move from party to party and now feel great at Golkar. How many years has he been at Golkar? We should be thanking Golkar, not beating up the general chairman, continued the Word.

Therefore, Firman stated, why should the Golkar Party accept them and then every time the General Chair is beaten by himself if it is only for personal or group interests.

“The proof is that Airlangga has been fair on policy issues, such as the Menpora chair belongs to Golkar cadres. The Ketum selects young cadres and there are women, then the decision rests with the President. And if the President has chosen what are we going to do? Accept it. If you are not satisfied, don’t beat the Ketum,” said the member of Baleg DPR. ()

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