Regarding the finding of 52 million odd data in the DPS for the 2024 election, Commission II asks the KPU to match each other’s data

0 – Member of Commission II DPR RI from the PAN faction Guspardi Gaus is concerned about the news about a report from the Citizens Association for Fair Elections (PWNPJ) community group which stated that around 52 million temporary voter data (DPS) for the 2024 Election from the KPU were allegedly problematic and there were irregularities .

Input from PWNPJ regarding DPS irregularities must be addressed by the KPU as a form of concern from community groups for the election procession. But don’t claim to each other about this data. Need to prove the truth and validity of the report.

“These findings are not just numbers and don’t mess with election data. Because voter data is related to people’s sovereignty,” said Guspardi, Monday, June 26, 2023.

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As PWNPJ knows in its press conference in mid-June 2023, the DPS that was conveyed by the KPU felt odd and strange. Such as data on children under 12 years of 35,785, people aged over 100 years 13,606. There are also 14,000 names with less than 2 letters and 2,120,135 identical identities and 35,905,638 RT and RW blanks and others with a total of 52,048,328.

Meanwhile, the updating of voter data by the KPU since receiving the DP4 (Potential Election Voter Population List) starting December 14, 2022 from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been recapitulated and announced by the KPU through an open plenary meeting, that the number of DPS for the 2024 election is 205,853,518 . When compared, it means that 25.3 percent of the DPS submitted by the KPU were suspected by PWNPJ of being odd. “What a fantastic number and astonishing and confusing at the same time,” said the PAN politician.

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The legislator from West Sumatra also asked the KPU to immediately follow up on these findings by re-examining and matching the data found by PWNPJ with the DPS as a result of updating KPU data. Then Bawaslu as an election supervisory institution must also participate in cross-checking the findings of these figures. The two election management bodies (KPU and Bawaslu) must synergize with each other, complement each other and complement each other regarding this voter data.

The KPU should immediately invite community groups that issue releases about DPS irregularities to obtain information and find out what actually happened to this voter data. By discussing and sitting at a table and then matching each other’s data, this DPS problem can be resolved.

This odd DPS finding report needs to be ‘clear and clean’ first before the KPU announces the final voter data (DPT). So that the public and all other relevant stake holders will no longer feel worried and insecure about the truth and validity of voter data.

“Don’t let this issue become a wild ball and the integrity of the election organizers be questioned ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections,” said Pak Gaus.

After all, we want the 2024 Election to be carried out with integrity, fairness and honesty. And the issue regarding voter data is one of the main factors that must be resolved before the holding of elections which is a manifestation of people’s sovereignty in the five-year democratic party in Indonesia, concluded the member of the Baleg DPR RI. ()

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