Regarding Money Politics, DPR: ‘Reject the Money, Don’t Vote for the People!’

0 – National Mandate Party (PAN) politician Guspardi Gaus appealed to the public to reject all forms of money politics, both from political parties, campaign teams and legislative candidates (caleg) in the 2024 election contestation.

The commitment of the political parties, campaign teams or campaign teams or legislative candidates concerned not to engage in money politics is really needed.

“This is because the legislative election system with an open proportional system that will be implemented in the 2024 elections is feared by many parties that the practice of money politics will continue,” said Guspardi, Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

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The Constitutional Court (MK) also reaffirmed the matter of money politics in its considerations when rejecting the judicial review filed by the applicant against an open proportional system a few days ago. The point is how all parties can prevent and avoid money politics in the election procession. Turn money politics into a common enemy for political parties, success teams and legislative candidates as well as the public, commented the legislator from West Sumatra

The member of Commission II of the DPR RI also reminded that the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) should also stare more intensely and strain their ears against allegations of money politics in the implementation of the upcoming 2024 elections.

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Because the potential for electoral fraud in the form of money politics can be contributed by pragmatic competitive behavior, in the midst of a highly competitive atmosphere in the Legislative Election (pileg). If money politics is allowed to continue, it will result in the five-year democratic party being crippled

Meanwhile, the term or jargon ‘Take the money, don’t vote for people’ must also be removed from the stigma attached to society so far. Because it is possible that a candidate who is elected because of money politics will say that his relationship with the constituents has been completed, has been paid off. Because of what? He has already paid some money, said Pak Gaus

Furthermore, Guspardi said he always voiced for political parties, campaign teams or success teams and legislative candidates not to engage in money politics. Because, it does not educate voters. He is worried that politicians who sit in parliament are chosen not because of their capacity, capability and integrity.

Therefore, it is hoped that the people as the owners of votes in the upcoming election will not vote for candidates who engage in money politics. ‘Reject the money and don’t choose the person’, he urged

However, the practice of money politics is the main mouthpiece that triggers the emergence of corrupt leaders who are not pro-people and harm society in the long run. “We hope that those who are elected are people who are free from money politics and are able to carry out their duties and functions according to the expectations and wishes of the people who voted for them,” concluded the member of the DPR RI Baleg.

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