President Jokowi Visits the Legendary Nasi Warung Bu Eha at Cihapit Market, Bandung

0 – The atmosphere at Cihapit Market in Bandung City, West Java (West Java), seemed busier than usual that morning, Wednesday, July 12 2023.

In one corner, Mrs. Eha sits at her rice stall, waiting for the presence of President Joko Widodo, who is visiting Cihapit Market.

Not long ago, President Jokowi arrived with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil who immediately introduced Mrs. Eha to the President.

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“My father and mother used to be destined here. Until now her son is governor, Mrs. Eha is still selling here,” said Ridwan Kamil explaining.

“What’s the recipe, ma’am?” asked President Jokowi.

“What is it? I don’t have a recipe,” said Mrs. Eha.

“Clean your heart, ma’am,” said Ridwan Kamil.

President Jokowi also provided social assistance to Mrs. Eha, which was also distributed to traders at Cihapit Market that morning. Mrs. Eha was also happy to meet President Jokowi.

“Like. (The assistance) is for charity only, many grandchildren, many great-grandchildren, share it,” he said.

Djulaeha, that’s Bu Eha’s full name, is now almost 93 years old and still manages her rice shop which has been established since 1947. At that time, her mother Bu Eha was the one who started the business.

“Before mah this is a field, it hasn’t become a market like it is now,” recalled Mrs. Eha when questioned separately.

On the corner of the wall of the rice stall is a photo of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, and a number of newspaper clippings containing articles about the rice stall. It is known that Bu Eha’s shop is a stall that Bung Karno’s family frequents, whom he remembers as a national patriot.

“In the past, who defended the country? Mom mah know how to struggle,” he said.

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