President Jokowi ‘NGAMUK’ Stunting budget of IDR 10 billion, used for meetings and business trips of IDR 6 billion, see the review

0 – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was furious because the budget for stunting in the regions was not optimal and on target.

Without mentioning the region, Jokowi said the Rp. 10 billion allocated to address stunting was used for meetings and official trips of up to Rp. 6 billion.

According to President Jokowi, only IDR 2 billion was used to buy eggs, milk, meat and vegetables.

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“For example, there is a stunting budget of IDR 10 billion, check it, see exactly what the IDR 10 billion is for. Don’t imagine that later this will buy eggs, milk, protein, vegetables,” he said.

“Rp 10 billion for stunting, checks, Rp 3 billion for official travel, Rp 3 billion for meetings, Rp 2 billion for development blah blah blah. Only Rp 2 billion is actually buying eggs. When will stunting be finished if it is done like this?” he added.

Then, Jokowi recounted his discussion with IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva some time ago. He said that countries that have become IMF “patients” have now reached 96 countries.

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Jokowi continued, the world situation is now difficult. Europe is already in recession. So, every rupiah that is spent either from the APBN, APBD or BUMN, must be productive.

“Because it is very difficult to make money through taxes, PNBP, royalties, dividends, it is not easy. Once again, realizing Indonesia Gold 2045 is not easy,” he said.

“Because we are indeed weak on that side (supervision). If we are not supervised, be careful. ” he ended.()

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