President Joko Widodo Announces the Revocation of the COVID-19 Pandemic Status in Indonesia with These Considerations

0 – After fighting together for three years and since today, Wednesday, 21 June 2023, President Joko Widodo stated that the government has decided to revoke the status of the COVID-19 pandemic (in Indonesia) and start entering an endemic period.

The government made this decision taking into account the daily COVID-19 confirmation rate which is close to zero and survey results showing that 99 percent of Indonesians already have COVID-19 antibodies.

In addition, WHO has revoked the status of “public health emergency of international concern”.

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Even so, President Joko Widodo asked the public to remain cautious and continue to practice a healthy and clean lifestyle.

With this decision, the government hopes that the national economy will move better and the quality of social and economic life will improve.

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