PDIP Bacapres Ganjar Pranowo Surprised About Negative Comments Against Himself Phone DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Officials


BONSERNEWS.com – The PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate (Bacapres PDIP) Ganjar Pranowo admitted that he was surprised by the many negative comments towards him after calling DKI Jakarta Provincial Government officials.

The call was made because Ganjar Pranowo previously heard complaints from residents after blusukan in North Jakarta.

“This is just an ordinary public service matter. Because yesterday I came to one of the markets I called the DKI Governor, I called the DKI Regional Secretary, who both of them happen to know, then uploaded it, why are you being bullied?” said Ganjar Pranowo.

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For your information, traders at the Anyar Bahari Market, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, complained about the high monthly fees when they met with Ganjar.

The traders who visited Ganjar Pranowo also complained about the quiet market because they were losing to online sales.

In response to this complaint, the PDIP Presidential Advisory Council suddenly took his cell phone and tried to call the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono.

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However, Heru Budi Hartono was attending a wedding and could not talk for long.

Ganjar Pranowo then contacted DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary (Sekda) Joko Agus. The PDIP presidential election then conveyed the residents’ complaints.

Ganjar Pranowo said his intention was only to convey residents’ complaints and he would do that anywhere.

“Yesterday when the meatball traders came to Semarang and then there was a PPIRT (Household Industry Food Production) problem in Bekasi and I called the Mayor of Bekasi, because we are also frequently called by regional heads,” said Ganjar Pranowo.

“It’s something normal but it becomes a sensation when there is a contest, always,” he continued. Furthermore, the Governor of Central Java said he only wanted to convey that there is a way to communicate with the government if there are problems. Ganjar brought up the system and mechanism that had been created.

“They are government officials at the lowest level, earlier the story about asphalt, floods, the story about access to health, access to education, actually can be conveyed. That is education to the public, how important politics really is,” concluded Ganjar Pranowo.

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