One of the private television stations, Indosiar warns and prohibits the misuse of the logo in any form

0 – One of the national private television stations, Indosiar, prohibits the Misuse of the Logo in any form because the use and intellectual property belong entirely to that television station.

Indosiar gave a warning during the broadcast of a program aimed at content creators on social media.

They were asked not to be careless in using Indosiar’s logo and intellectual property illegally.

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“In connection with the widespread use without permission and misuse of the Indosiar logo and program on various social media, it is hereby announced that the logo, symbol, motto and program (including but not limited to titles, role names, program snippets) and all rights to use them are exclusively owned by Indosiar,” said Indosiar’s statement quoted by

Previously, it was known that many content creators made various parodies of professions, services, and even more eccentric and hilarious sales ideas from Indosiar’s FTV pieces.

Not only that, several pieces of Indosiar FTV videos have also gone viral on social media.

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Indosiar assesses that this action has harmed his party both materially and non-materially due to the Misuse of the Logo and intellectual property.

“Indosiar prohibits any use of Indosiar’s intellectual property rights without prior permission, both for personal gain and publication on various media including social media,” continued the statement from Indosiar.

Indosiar also responds that this can be seen in the written explanation that it will take firm action against perpetrators of violating these provisions by taking legal steps.

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