Muhammad Fajri has been obese since 11 years and it is not known who the parents of this obese man are

0 – The name Muhammad Fajri is currently in the public spotlight. Again, the case of an obese man befell an obese man from Tangerang named Muhammad Fajri who weighs 300 kg.

This fantastic weight made Muhammad Fajri finally brought from his residence to get intensive treatment related to his weight.

Muhammad Fajri has been obese since he was 11 years old. The emergence of the name Muhammad Fajri made the public curious about this 300 kg man.

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According to information circulating, Muhammad Fajri is a man from Pedurenan, Karang Tengah, Tangerang City.

Muhammad Fajri is a man who was born in 1995 and is currently 27 years old. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Muhammad Fajri only lived with one of his family when this obese man lived.

It is known that Muhammad Fajri apparently just occupied the house two months ago. After investigating, the officers only found out about the suffering that Muhammad Fajri had experienced after receiving reports from several residents.

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Residents seem to have known the signs of obesity for Muhammad Fajri for a long time, as reported by from the TikTok Viral Dongs account.

But it’s a shame, the treatment for Muhammad Fajri can only be done at this time.

The emergence of Muhammad Fajri’s name also began when a video of seconds of his evacuation was widely circulated on social media.

It took quite a long time to be able to bring Muhammad Fajri to the hospital. Tangerang City BPBD officers even had to use a forklift.

Several parts of the house had to be damaged by officers to facilitate evacuation. Some of them, such as the breaking of walls and fences, which had to be damaged to make it easier to carry the figure of Muhammad Fajri.

Muhammad Fajri’s evacuation video suddenly reaped various responses from netizens. It should be noted that until now there has been no information regarding Muhammad Fajri’s parents.

This is because when he was evacuated he was allegedly only living with one family member whose identity was not known.

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