Muhammad Fajri, an Obese Man from Tangerang Dies, Following is the Official Statement from the RSCM

0 – Muhammad Fajri, an obese man from Tangerang, died at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM).

The man weighing 300 kg had previously undergone special treatment before finally dying.

The RSCM has also released a statement regarding the cause of death of Fajri, the obese man from Tangerang. Check out the information that is known regarding Fajri’s condition as follows:

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An obese man weighing 300 kg from Tangerang, Muhammad Fajri, died at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM).

Fajri died on Thursday (22/6/2023) at 01.25 WIB. He said Fajri died after 14 days of being treated.

“Today we deliver sad news innalillahi wa innailaihirojiun after fighting for about 14 days our team at RSCM have done their best,” said Acting Director of Operational Services at RSCM Renan Sukmawan.

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According to information from the RSCM, the cause of obesity Fajri died due to multiple infections.

The RSCM admitted that they had tried optimally in nursing Fajri so that he would return to stability, but multiple organ failure occurred due to septic shock.

“Multidisciplinary therapy consisting of specialists in intensive care (intensivis), pulmonary, cardiac, digestive, nerve, skin, vascular surgery, nutrition, medical rehabilitation, and other health workers has optimized all efforts to treat MF (Muhammad Fajri) so that he returns. stable,” said the RSCM Press.

The RSCM team admitted that they had made various efforts to deal with Fajri. It was stated that the obstacles encountered during Fajri’s treatment were more towards size and weight, such as trying to find a suitable bed, positioning the patient, and the difficulty of carrying out certain diagnostic procedures.

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