Mocking DPR on Google Maps, PKB: That’s a form of public concern

0 – PKB legislator, Faisol Riza, assessed that the ridicule of the DPR/MPR building’s name on Google maps was a form of public concern. He said the DPR was actually worried if there was no attention from the public.

“In fact, if there is no public attention to the DPR, we are worried. Whatever their assessment means that whatever the DPR does is of concern, we will return the good and bad to each one,” said Faisol, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

The chairman of Commission VII sees this joke as a warning to the DPR not to render the building useless. He said that the ridicule was also a sign of the people’s affection for the DPR.

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“Maybe some of my friends in the DPR feel that this is a form of content against state institutions. But for me personally this is good because it serves as a kind of warning that such buildings and institutions should not be useless or even against the will of the public,” he said.

“I was once in that position, where I saw that many DPR products at that time were considered not to represent the public interest. But today there is quite a lot of debate, discussion which also involves the public as to what is the decision in the DPR. People are joking, it means it’s a pity, rather than despised and cursed,” he added.

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Previously, the busy MPR/DPR RI building was marked as a mockery on Google Maps. The mocking names can be seen in the directory section. The naming directory for the DPR/MPR RI Building on Google Maps contains a number of other names such as ‘The Largest Zoo in Asia’, ‘National Trash’ and ‘Sleeping Bull’.()

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