Middle School Girl Suspected of Suicide by Hanging Herself in Gorontalo The Cause is Suspected Because of This, Unexpectedly!


BONSERNEWS.com – Just went viral, a junior high school student in Gorontalo was found hanging herself at home wearing a school uniform.

The incident where a junior high school student was found hanging herself came from the Kabila Police Chief, namely in Hamlet II, West Poowo Village, Kabila District, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo.

The viral junior high school student suspected of being Bundir by hanging herself was first discovered by her father.

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From the testimony of the victim’s father, at 09.00 his father arrived back at the TKP residence, because since going to work his heart felt uneasy.

It was stated that before the victim left for school, the victim’s father had scolded his daughter because he often denied or resisted when he was advised.

When found, the victim was wearing a school uniform and was found hanging from a rope used by a baby swing.

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Suddenly the victim’s father, who saw his son’s condition from the outside window, immediately shouted for the victim’s grandmother.

At the time of the incident, the victim’s grandmother was in the kitchen and cooking.

Meanwhile, the victim’s grandfather was not at home when the incident occurred, the victim’s father found his daughter in a dependent position.

Upon investigation, it seems that the victim, who is still a junior high school student in Gorontalo, lives with her grandparents and father.

It was stated that the victim’s mother and father had separated beds for about a year.

The mother from the SMP side who was found to have ended her life by hanging herself is said to be in Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi.

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