Let’s Wear it with Dyah Ayu Ardhana Reswari, Youngest Student Successfully ‘TEMBUS’ FKUI at 15 Years Old


BONSERNEWS.com – The figure of Dyah Ayu Ardhana Reswari is in the public spotlight.

The reason is that this alumni of SMAN 1 Cileungsi, Bogor has succeeded in obtaining the status of a student at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI) at the age of 15.

He passed the FKUI entrance exam via the Test-Based National Selection (SNBT) route.

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Previously, he had failed in the selection through the National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP) entrance.

However, he was not discouraged to continue his dream of studying at FKUI. He then recounted his struggle to be accepted at UI.

“I often do practice questions, attend tryouts, and review exam results. This review is the most important because by looking at the location of mistakes during practice or tryouts, I can learn more material that I don’t understand,” he said.

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Dyah Ayu Ardhana admits that she has dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was little.

His interest in FKUI began when he studied history material about this faculty in elementary school.

The teacher, at that time, told me about STOVIA which was the forerunner of FKUI and was the first and oldest medical school in Indonesia.

Then, Dyah Ayu Ardhana looked for information about FKUI through her family, her surroundings, and broadcasts on television.

He tried to start research on lectures at UI through testimonials on social media.

As a result, he received more information from UI students during the Expo Campus event at his school.

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