Let’s take a look at the guide on how to join Batch 57 pre-employment cards, ‘isn’t it complicated’? Let’s Check Out the Reviews


BONSERNEWS.com – Good news! On Friday, 14 July 2023, the Batch 57 pre-employment card was officially opened.

Participants of the 2023 wave 57 pre-employment card will get many facilities.

The amount of incentives that will be received by participants in Batch 57 is IDR 4.2 million.

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The Pre-Employment card program is a program initiated by the Indonesian government with the aim of developing competency and entrepreneurship.

This program is primarily aimed at job seekers, workers or laborers who have been affected by layoffs, as well as workers who wish to improve their work skills and competencies.

Participants who pass the Pre-Employment card selection in each batch will receive assistance and incentives in the form of training costs.

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For prospective participants who wish to register, they can access the official website of the Pre-Employment Card program via the link prakerja.go.id.

Then for prospective participants who do not have a Pre-Employment account, they must first create a Pre-Employment Card account.

Meanwhile, those who already have an account can immediately click the “Join Wave” option.

If you want to create the latest Pre-Employment Card account for 2023.

The following is a guide on how to join Batch 57 Pre-Employment Cards:

Go to the website www.prakerja.go.id and click “Register Now”.

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